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Wilson Koontz Letters


This digital collection consists of selected letters written by Wilson Averre Koontz to his wife and parents. He served as a radio operator with the…

Carl Emil Johnson letters


This collection contains selected digitized World War II letters related to United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant Carl E. Johnson. His letters…

Carl Emil Johnson letters

Barbara Gier papers


This collections consists of World War II personal letters to family from Barbara Gier who served as a U.S. Army Nurse in France. Several letters…

Francine Maloney papers


This collection includes an oral history transcript from Francine Maloney about her time as a WASP during World War II. She began training in…

Russell Blair papers

April 1947-01.jpg

This collection includes papers and photographs from the American Red Cross collected by Russel Blair. The papers include special activity plans from…

Laurene Bulkley Drane papers


This collection includes a memoir written by Laurene Bulkley Drane. A young woman living in Tallahassee, Florida, Drane saw many servicemen and felt…

Eleanor Harpring papers

Harpring, Eleanor.jpg

This collection contains selected papers related to an oral interview with Eleanor Harpring. The interview describes her time with the United Service…

Lonnie Raeford Smith letters

Smith 1943-6-25 001.jpg

This small collection of letters relates to Lonnie R. Smith who was born on December 21, 1924 in Raleigh, N.C. During World War II, he served with…

Sheldon F. Berlow collection

Headnote Sheldon F  Berlow.pdf

Clark Noll Adams collection

Clark Noll Adams Headnote.pdf

This digital collection consists of selected letters written by Clark Noll Adams that were sent home to their parents. Clark Adams served as a…

Clark Noll Adams collection